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South Pole Skydive 1997  &  North Pole Skydive-98

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 The Team
Trond Jacobsen
Trond Jacobsen
Morten Halvorsen
Morten Halvorsen
Morten about Trond
           Trond about Morten
The first time I met Trond he was an Instructor in the local skydiving club. His abilities to teach were enormous. It felt like we were on the tracks. After many years of skydiving together with Trond I have learned that: Trond is a good friend, puts safety first, is professional, is experienced and is one of Norway’s best Tandeminstructors. 
When Trond asked me if I wanted to come along to the South Pole the choice was easy. The chemistry has to be there and the collaboration must be perfect. 
Trond is without doubt the best traveling partner on an expedition of such extreme nature. 
When Morten catches an interest in something he easily gets enthusiastic. His will and go-ahead spirit to finish of something he has started is enormous. In such situations he will sacrifice himself a 100% so that all involved end up with the best result. 
Morten can shiver from eagerness to get on with something. His experiences as an instructor within the field of wintersurvival makes him the perfect partner 
for this expedition. He knows his theory inside out: What to wear, what to fear. His abilities to solve technical problems in any situation makes it easy to work with him. 
Morten is a serious, loyal and cheerful person. 

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